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Dollar in the Sand

One day in Tofino, British Columbia, Irene and I found twelve sand dollars as we walked along MacKenzie Beach. We realized what treasures we had found but we didn’t know much about them. At one end of the beach we met a man with his dog who began to tell us about sand dollars. He had many profound things to say about them and the last thing he said was “isn’t life beautiful.” At the time we were struggling with life as our son had been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a bone marrow disease and critical illness. We parted ways with the man and began to continue the hunt for sand dollars down the beach. We had gone a short distance when we looked up and, to our astonishment, the man was nowhere to be seen. We could see three hundred yards in every direction and there was no trace of the man anywhere. Later on, I was searching online for information on the sand dollar and I found “the legend of the sand dollar.” It moved me. I refined my thoughts a while later while in Sooke, B.C, in this song called Dollar In The Sand. People are like those sand dollars, treasures waiting to be discovered. They are, however, often broken in pieces, as Irene and I were at that time, or they feel just too plain, forgotten, unimportant and of no value. My hope is that as you read these words and listen to this song, you will know that you are a precious treasure in this world. May it speak to your heart, especially as you walk down the beach.

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  • Murphy on

    This is awesome
    Thank you for sharing your heart

  • Kevin on

    Dollar In The Sand…Great Song!
    I like the video with it too…Well Done!!!!

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