What Is A History Mirror

What Is A History Mirror

Through time history is made. Written down. Our only hope to the validity of what we hear as history is the integrity of the writer. That is who is telling the story, so it would seem that pointers like honesty, integrity, accountability, and transparency would or should influence what we believe to be the truth or closest to it. There should be a standard and it should come under review from those who lived and saw the events or had the greatest access to all points of view of circumstances. There are many people today questioning how some history was written adhering to these pointers and although it might seem like a noble cause the same people are less than transparent when it comes to how they interpret the times we are now living in. Honesty, integrity, accountability, and above all transparency, have gone by the wayside.

The world will and must change and our world needed to change in many ways but we have a memory for a reason. If we do not learn from our past how can we navigate the future and more importantly the present. Eliminate the past and we stumble on making new mistakes that are really old mistakes. "There's nothing new under the sun".

We need to remember in our personal lives and our societal lives. We especially need to remember what is truly good and of value, what sustains. If your leaving your boat to explore a trail you need to know that the boat is still there when you return from the journey. You probably wouldn't get rid of your entire family because some things had to change. You can't toss out a whole society because some things had to change. It's like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

"How arrogant this season to,

Limp along and never learn to,

Remember the many,

Gardens and meadows,

Cold earth and silence.

Gardens and meadows. Places of growth and places of art, poetry, writing and music, born out of struggles through a collage of human stories we call history. Beautiful things we may never have enjoyed without the stretching of society.

And so we look into the mirror. A dim reflection. What we see for ourselves is true to us. Cold earth and silence looms over us. What is the history of our story? Is it "Hanging on to the pointers.....to the stars above".

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