Gene Murphy Frozen River

My Heart Stood Still And Time Disappeared

I remember my Mom telling me after she had started an Alpha course that she couldn't believe how, all of a sudden the colours of the natural world seemed so much brighter.

I know that when my wife and I spent two weeks vacation on Vancouver Island a couple of years ago, I felt all my senses come alive again. I wrote a number of songs during that time, some of which are on the Dollar in the Sand CD.

There are times in our lives that keep us chained to the grindstone of survival. We need to be rejuvenated and our spirits revived, returned to our self, free from the carnage of the world. I wrote a song years ago while driving with my son home from college in Saskatchewan. We were coming down a long hill on the Trans Canada Highway in BC and we saw the frozen Thompson River. I was inspired to sing to myself the melody that became the song Frozen River. I had been thinking about the sadness that accompanies life when we lose sight of innocence and the first inclinations of our heart. When we know little of the worlds caverns and pitfalls. Our hearts become calloused, we self protect and avoid going down those roads that lead us back to feeling. Feeling good or bad or anything. Parts of us are as frozen.

Really we need only to ask, and love will come and hold our hand again.

Gene Murphy Frozen River


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