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You Don’t Know Me

This is a song off of my first solo CD, “All That We’ve Been Through”. I think it is probably the song that is closest to my heart in the sense that it is a picture in many ways of the Gospel as I see it. It is ironic that while I was doing the recording of this song at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver It painted a background of homelessness as the studio lurks in perhaps one of the city’s darkest areas which is close to Main and Hastings. Through the misted glass walls of the studio you can see figures moving up and down the alleyways and the inner courtyard of the studio has its entrance from a back alley where homeless people roam at all times of the day, but it gets even busier at night. It created in me many moments of reflection, even questioning my own motives for recording and then of course I was pulled into the business at hand. The song’s verses call out,” you don’t know me and where I’ve been”, and” you’ve never walked in my shoes. But the Lord He Has”. We are so quick to judge others and yet there is not one moment of any single life on this planet since we were put here that has been the same for any one person. That is a daunting thought. What right do we have to make any judgements, about peoples story’s and we all have one. The 1st chorus reads” here’s a blanket and a sandwich brother, I’ll give you the love that I can give, won’t you lean over me and cry on my hand now, for the least of these that are hurting” . In this desensitizing world that we live in it is so easy to think in a somewhat compassionate way but still miss the boat. The line that says won’t you lean over me and cry on my hand now is a picture of the awakening of a cold or sleeping heart by tears that physically fall on our skin connecting us immediately to someone else’s hurt and emotion– touching us in a real way and showing us a different kind of love that can only happen or reveal itself in such moments. A divine moment created by a compassionate savior that reveals Gods love to both parties. “ The least of these referring to Jesus statement “ what you do for the least of these you do for me”.

The 2nd chorus reads,”these tired eyes haven’t settled on you, trying to decide where love is”. Eyes that are searching to trust someone, to settle on real love, trying desperately to discern real love in a human being. “out of the darkness the headlights call them, call them from the shadows”. Street people coming out of the darkness into the headlights of cars, into the light, yes we are really here, does anyone see us.

The last chorus is the , the last chorus and I guess you’ll have to listen to the song to hear what it says. But there is love and there is hope, I will be playing this song at The House Of James on April 6th.

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