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The Remnant
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Gene Murphy — The Remnant
Release date : Dec. 01, 2013
  1. Twenty-Seven Thousand Days
  2. The Remnant
  3. Hard Edge (The Workin' Man Song)
  4. Don't Want to Miss a Thing
  5. Many Days
  6. The Loved and Unloved
  7. Train is In the Station
  8. Pure Gold
  9. On Our Way
  10. What Kind of Love
  11. Union Brother
  12. Let it All Go

The album “The Remnant” paints pictures in songs that point to working class struggles. The backdrop is how faith plays out in the midst of those struggles. It points to a time where traditional values were more engrained. This is stated in a line from the song “The Remnant”. It says, “and there’s a remnant deep down in many hearts, that wants to stay alive and love, and keep on, keep on fighting the good fight.” The album also touches on life in “The Union,” with the song “Union Brother.” The song, “On Our Way” depicts the carefree life of kids that grew up in a much more innocent world.  All-in-all, it is a blue collar collage of pictures in stories, poetically told in a way that makes the listener ask the question “what is he really getting at here.” Some things are quite obvious, but other themes seem to come across in layers that make you want to hear them over again.