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Poem – A Patch Of Green

A song recorded but never released after the LWS broke up. I still play this song on occasion as a solo performer. It was written in 96 I believe. This is a song about a little park down in Vancouver between Powell and Cordova where life is very real so to speak and perhaps there is meaning there in such a place.

A patch of green, growing in the city,
Where time is near, think clear and be alone,
Feel dust beneath my feet and talk that’s real, I pity,
A place that’s got no reason,
To be a poor mans home

It keeps my heart, right where it should be,
And where it should be, some will never know,
Thought it may seem, I stray to live what could be,
I’ll always come back to the little piece of home,

A patch of green, a patch of green

Full of life and old man’s stories,
And seeking no reason to shelter those who lie,
Beneath it’s trees and shadowed walkways,
The wind can travel freely,
And the Light will find the day

A patch of green, A patch of green

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