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Little Fish

Everything has a purpose. It seems purpose has somehow been extinguished and left
out of the equation. What is it that gives purpose to every single thing or action? It is not
like we can rerun anything in life whether it is by recorded music, photographs, or film.
The moment is unique, never the same, every breath is a one of a kind. Something may
be captured as a copy and this world that we live in is a life of captured things. We
relate better it seems to the captured things than real life’s things.

I saw a fish in a bowl yesterday. A beautiful solitary fish. I thought to myself, how
beautiful you are and yet no one notices you. How insignificant and then you die.
Our lives can seem the same.

And yet your purpose little fish. Life is filled with moments, unique the minute they
happen. Even remembering them is a recalling through a lens of past experiences.
But there is something simple yet profound here, treasure , buried by the world.
Is a moment a photograph, a CD, or a video, or is it a bookmark in a flowing series of
bookmarks that are unique? Truly a moment can never be reproduced.

And yet your purpose little fish. Moments and purpose. is there a connection beyond the
world we know?

And yet Your purpose little fish.

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    Something to think about

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