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Gene MurphyGene murphy was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada in 1958. Born of a Canadian mother and Liverpool father, he is the oldest of three brothers. At the age of ten, he moved to Port Moody, a blue collar mill town in British Columbia.

Gene and his brother Darren followed the hard working blue collar direction of their bricklaying father; they became heat and frost insulators. This is where Gene began his journey through the “working men’s” struggles which became the backdrop of Gene’s songwriting with The Last Wild Sons.

Gene’s identity as both a heat and frost insulator and musician began with The Edsells, a band created with his brothers, which became the Rockin’ Edsels and eventually The Last Wild Sons. The band evolved in its style with roots in punk rock, shifting to rockabilly, country, blues and roots rock.

In 1994, The Last Wild Sons broke up due largely to the Gene’s struggle with balancing his family, wife and two children, and the rock and roll daydream both of which demand time and dedication. After the birth of their third child, Gene’s wife became seriously ill. She was healed through prayer in a Christian church: a life changing spiritual awakening for Gene. Feeling the divine presence of God became the source of Gene’s desire to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ. With a new foundation, Gene’s music became the outlet for expressing his spiritual journey and love for Christ.

Gene spent many years playing in churches, homeless shelters and prisons feeling a calling to share hope with people in all places in life. He started a Gospel blues band called Gene Murphy and the Knitting Club and released a home-studio recording called Travelers on the Black Line.

With songs flying off the page and a new found friend, the harmonica, Gene’s music became more introspective and intimate lending itself to a more stripped-down, acoustic style. Gene describes the music as an awakening, a rediscovery of faith and family.

With his second solo CD on its way, Gene continues to pour his soul out through his writing. A marriage of the working man’s struggles and faith become the theme in many songs.