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About my latest CD “The Remnant”

When I look back at the formation of The Remnant I have to believe that it holds within it many of my struggles and how I have chosen to enter and exist within those struggles. Making my living as a construction worker has had many challenges and hurdles and the world of construction is a world unto itself. It has been both a catalyst for my faith as well as a challenge to it where fellow workers choose many other vices to try and escape from a slippery slope that gets steeper as one gets older. There was a time when I chose some of those other vices to work through my struggles. My faith has allowed me to see my coworkers through the eyes of grace and yet steer me to seek something more. Perhaps “The Remnant” is holding onto the goodness that I can remember growing up with parents and grandparents who demonstrated the Love of Christ. As a family we didn’t attend Church regularly but the love had been passed on from previous generations. It is a lot easier to have faith when you have received love. I believe a time is coming when love will grow cold as it says in the Bible. Even now there is a Remnant of that love buried within our generation and I am afraid for where we are headed.

Our generation perhaps, will stand as the last to see a world where kids could take off on their bikes to a lake for the day without a care in the world. We carry within us the Remnant of freedoms that we have taken so for granted. These freedoms provide a strength that finds a way to carry us through our struggles. These freedoms are the foundations upon which our North American constitutions have been built. These foundations are actually built on faith. It’s the foundation that God’s ways are just and right and good.

I heard a true story from an old Russian man who told us that as a boy he went to a school where the teacher had to close all the blinds in their classroom and be very secretive in order to tell the children the real Christmas story. This boy, now grown up ( and I assume many others in that classroom became believers) and his personal testimony included his many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, all believers continuing to pass on the story from generation to generation. The teacher was killed for what he did because the government allowed no God.

“There is a Remnant deep down in many hearts” as the song says that is waiting to be reawakened, to remember those who loved us and built us up standing on a foundation that helped them to do that and enabling us to keep on “fighting the good fight”. I hope you enjoy the songs.

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